Trending Medical Certification Programs In 2021

Trending Medical Certification Programs In 2021

Medical office specialists work in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. Their duties include keeping medical records, greeting guests, handling billing procedures and maintaining the front office. There are many different names for medical office specialists, including medical billing and coding specialists, medical office assistants and medical secretaries. They have similar duties, and educational programs may overlap. Individuals who aspire to the profession can enroll in a medical office specialist certificate program.

Students enrolled in a medical office specialist certificate program develop basic computer, keyboarding, business and filing skills. They also learn about various medical diseases and treatments, medical terminology, patient intake procedures and medical record-keeping techniques. Most programs offer training in medical coding, which allows individuals to transform medical procedures into codes for billing and insurance purposes. Voluntary certification is available in this field.

Track One Course Medical Administrative Assistant Certification (CMAA) 10 week certification course The Medical Administrative Assistant is a versatile professional. The duties that medical assistants perform vary not only from office to office, but even within the same office. Medical assistants perform routine duties within the offices of many types of health professionals including physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, and more.

Certificate programs for aspiring medical office specialists and medical office assistants often contain courses that are practical in nature and provide specific step-by-step training in medical coding, record-keeping and filing procedures. Some specific examples of common courses include:

  • Medical terminology

  • Introduction to computers

  • Medical billing procedures

  • Medical coding

  • Law and ethics in medicine

  • Business communication

  • Medical diseases and treatments

  • Customer relations

Track Two Course Medical Billing and Coding Automation Certification (CEHRS, CBCS) 16 week certification course This is a lecture/lab course in which topics are presented by the instructor, hands-on activities are explained,