• Josh Carpenter

So You're New To IT?

IT Classes

If you do a Google search for IT training or IT schools you’ll come up with hundreds of ways that you can learn how to use computers. You’ll come up with many different classes available. Some are online some are universities and others are boot camps.

So what’s the best option for you? Well, that depends on your level coming in, your interests, and your aptitude. So let’s explore those three things.

OK first let’s talk about your interests: Think about the classes you excelled at in high school. Were you creative? Were you more hands-on? Did you do good in math? Or were you more into the arts?

Answering these questions will help you to see where you fit within IT. Those who are more creative may want to consider graphic and web design, video gaming and animation and things that allow you to be creative.

If you excelled in math, and you have an analytical side, then you may do well in coding, programming or networking.