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How to choose the right school for you!

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As we celebrate our 10th anniversary I am thinking back and where we started and where we are going in the future. It’s interesting because technology has changed during last 10 years, and it’s very exciting where it’s going in the next 10 years!

When we started Pita the goal was to help those who were changing careers.

These individuals had special needs that corporate America and those who were working with computers didn’t have.


Now some might say “ well everybody knows how to use the computer now“. But that’s far from the truth! Every day we meet people who have very limited computer skills, or they are a Home user. They know how to surf the Internet and how to use their smart phone, but when it comes to working in an office or having skills using computers for a work setting, they haven’t had that opportunity.

That’s where Pita excels, and is the best choice. Yes there are a lot of schools now in this valley. Many of them have come in hoping to take advantage Of the growth in this town, and make a lot of money. but many of them are not set up for the career changer or the individual who isn’t comfortable with computers.

Some of them are Boot Camp style schools where the classes are eight hours a day and two or three weeks long. Can you imagine trying to learn a new technology and having 40 hours to do it? Or 60 hours to do it?

The other type of school that seems to be popping up all over the place, are the computer-based or online learning schools. Sometimes they call this “mentored learning”.

So basically you pay thousands of dollars to go in to a place sit behind a computer, and if you have any questions you can ask somebody. That’s not hands-on learning. That’s not what most individuals who haven’t worked in the field need.

That’s great for somebody who’s trying to upgrade or rectify. But anybody who’s brand new or a novice to computers will not succeed in a program like that. Sure, they’ll get a certification, or they might even get four or five, but do they have the hands-on practical knowledge of what to do on the job? I highly doubt it. They become in the industry what’s known as “paper certified”. I’ve talked to many employers and they can spot a paper certified person the minute they start interviewing. As soon as they put them on a project to do something, that person is stuck, and the interview goes south.

Our courses are longer than most of the other programs, and they’re only half days, as opposed to full days. There’s a reason for that. Our brains don’t learn when you try to cram too much information in one sitting. Small doses and repetition are what make things stick for most people. Also having only classes four hours a day allows our students to be able to job search, Or participate in internship programs which are both highly valuable for their learning and their success.

Choosing a school is tough, but do your research. Make sure that you go sit in classes at every school that you think you want to go to.

The best way to see whether or not it’s a fit for you is to go sit in their classes meet their students talk to them talk to the teachers and see if you feel comfortable and could see yourself there every day. In our next blog we are going to talk about the programs, and what pathway you should take toward certification.

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