Adobe Photoshop

Looking to learn Photoshop fast? Taking an Adobe Authorized Photoshop training class will get that job done in a matter of hours. 120 hours that is. Receive Hands-on, instructor-led, classroom based Photoshop training, it's fast, easy, fun and effective.

Professional, top notch imagery is critical in differentiating your creative work from the others. Photoshop is a foundation tool for most creative projects and effective designers know Photoshop well. This class is an easy and fun way to learn layer basics, photo retouching and image editing. If you want to create great images, this is the place to start. Go from beginning to advanced level at PITA.

Beginning/Intermediate Photoshop

  • Workspace and Palettes in Photoshop

  • Photo Retouching and Editing

  • Working with Selections

  • Working with the Layers in Photoshop

  • Working with Masks and Channels

  • Camera RAW and Photoshop

  • Typographic Design

  • Compositing and Printing in Photoshop

Photoshop Program.gif

If you are ready to learn Photoshop thoroughly and make certain you are completely comfortable using this vital tool, these courses provide intensive training that will help you master the skills and techniques you need in order to use Photoshop effectively in web, print, video and E-learning projects. This course is 120 hours long with 96 hours instructor led and 24 hours of required lab.