Microsoft Word Training 

What is Microsoft Word?

Over the years there have been many word processors that have come and gone, there are several still out there, but none are as widely known as Microsoft Word.


Millions of businesses worldwide use Word as their go to software. In other words, employers are looking for candidates are familiar with this widely used software.


Microsoft Word allows you to create a variety of different templates and tools to create documents such as: letters, resumes, flyers, brochures and more.  


What do we offer?

Word 2021 Basic

  • Word Fundamentals

  • Working with & Edit Text 

  • Formatting Texts & Paragraphs

  • Formatting pages

Microsoft Word Courses

Word 2021 Intermediate

  • Working with Tables

  • Graphics

  • Styles, Themes & Templates

  • Working with Long Documents

Word 2021 Advanced

  • Collaborate with Word

  • Advanced Documents

  • Mailing Documents