Getting Started


  • Starting Excel

  • Understanding the Display Screen

  • Working with the Ribbon

  • Working with the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Exploring the File Tab

  • Opening a Workbook

  • Managing Open Workbooks

  • Using Excel Help

Entering Data


  • Moving the Cell Pointer

  • Selecting a Range of Cells

  • Creating a New Workbook

  • Entering Constant Values

  • Saving a Workbook

  • Editing Cell Contents

  • Clearing Cell Contents

  • Working with Undo and Redo

  • Closing a Workbook

  • Exiting Excel

Using Formulas


  • Entering Formulas

  • Using the SUM Function

  • Summing Columns or Rows Automatically

  • Using Statistical Functions

  • Working with the Range Finder

  • Using Formula Error Checking

Formatting Worksheets

  • Formatting Numbers

  • Changing the Font Format

  • Aligning Cell Contents

  • Merging Cells

  • Adding Borders

  • Applying Cell Styles


Columns and Rows


  • Changing Column Width and Row Height

  • Using AutoFit

  • Inserting and Deleting Columns or Rows

  • Hiding Columns or Rows

  • Using Custom Worksheet Views

Microsoft Excel

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