Career Services Program

Training and Education is just a part of the goal, the next step is your new career! With that in mind, PITA has a Career Services Department that assists you with job leads, resume assistance, and internship/externship programs.  Many of our longer programs require internships as a way to ensure your success with hands on/work experience.  We also partner with Tovarro, an online job placement assistance tool,, and Vegas PBS, as a way to assist our students with Soft Skills training, career assessments and additional resources for success.  We offer on-going workshops on Career Building, Resume writing, Mock Interviews, and many other tools.  We participate in  on sight job fairs, as well as off-site job fairs.   PITA is your source for more than training!

Career Services | PITA

Career Service Assistance

Career Services At The Professionl Institute of technology

Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting provides career assistance to all graduates in good standing. Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting employs a Career Services department who assists students with resume development, interview skills and career search techniques.

Career Services personnel will advise students and graduates on available careers in the area for which the students have been trained. To do this, the school maintains a contact file of potential employers, which is constantly updated. Employers are also invited to come to the campus for career interview sessions with our students and graduates.

In addition, Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting provides the opportunity for externship with our partner employers. Only those students who are satisfactorily progressing through their program will be allowed to participate in externship. Attendance or conduct issues are grounds for ineligibility for career services. 

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