Adobe After Effects Course

This PITA course will teach you to create world-class motion graphics and special effects for video or the web. Are you ready to create gorgeous visual effects and motion graphics that separate your work from the pack? Learn to create impressive, dynamic designs for commercial video and motion picture production, for the web, or for use in presentations and E-learning material. This class is appropriate for novice users of After Effects. Experience with Photoshop or attendance of our Photoshop class will be necessary in order to get the most out of this class.

About After Effects Training

Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting center's instructor-led Adobe Certified hands-on After Effects training courses, Labs and seminars are taught by talented and experienced PITA professionals. Our instructors know it's not about showing off or impressing you with their video background. It's about making sure you learn a lot and enjoy your After Effects training class! Great trainers, small class sizes, large monitors, Adobe certified course-ware, and careful attention to your needs and experience level will help make sure you are successful.

What you will learn in After Effects

  • Importing Illustrator or Photoshop files into After Effects

  • Animating shapes

  • Organizing scenes with null layers

  • Working with the Puppet tool

  • Creating replacement animation using time remapping

  • Automating head turns

  • Creating a master control node with Expression Controls effects

  • Setting up a scene for animation

  • Animating dialogue

  • Basic Animation and Effects

  • Keyframes and Layers

  • Working with text

  • Parenting and Nesting

  • Transparency

  • Track and Key

  • Using Paint and Vector Paint

  • Expressions and Time

  • Advanced Motion techniques

  • Effects and Presets

  • Advanced Selection Techniques

  • Color Sampling and Conversion

  • Adjustment and Guide Layers

  • Blue and Green Screen Keys

  • Effective Motion Tracking

  • Creating Expressions

  • Compound Effects

  • Multipass 3D Compositing

  • Film and Dynamic Range