Adobe Acrobat Series

About PITA's Acrobat Training Course

The Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting offers Adobe Certified instructor-led hands-on workshops and seminars taught by talented and experienced instructors. The best Adobe Acrobat training instructors know the importance of making sure you have fun, learn a lot and leave delighted! We feature small class sizes, large screen monitors, great learning environments, certified trainers, high-quality course-ware, and careful attention to your specific needs and experience level with Acrobat.

Hands-on, instructor-led classes are one of the most efficient ways of learning Acrobat fast. Our 16 hour instructor-led, hands-on class can save you months compared to a self-study program using books and videos. How many computer books do you have that you haven't read? If you are like most, chances are good that your software training books and videos will go out of date before you've completed them. At PITA, you will always have the latest training materials needed to learn what you need to be successful.

Learn to create, control, modify and deliver more secure, high-quality Adobe PDF documents in our Acrobat training courses. Learn how to use Acrobat to create interactive, fill-able forms as well as learning to use the enhanced OCR tool. Our Acrobat training classes will help you take advantage of all of Acrobat's many features. In this course, you will also learn how to combine them with other files into a PDF portfolio, as well as collaboration in detail, including the new collaborative live and shared review options, plus redaction and other security features.

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Adobe Acrobat enables business professionals to reliably create, combine, and control Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution, collaboration, and data collection. This class will enable you to prepare and edit PDF documents, as well as add the interactive features which have made Acrobat so successful in the business environment today.

What you will learn in this PITA Adobe Acrobat course:

  • Creating Adobe PDF Files

  • Reducing File Size

  • Enhancing and Editing PDF Documents

  • Combining Files in PDF Portfolios

  • Adding Signatures and Security

  • Working with Forms in Acrobat

  • Using Legal Features

  • Using Acrobat in Professional Printing

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